Pho is my favorite Vietnamese dish ever. It is rice noodle with beef but what makes it so special is the soup and it takes hours to cook it. Since Pho is very popular in Vietnam, I have it every week. However, Pho in restaurant is not good as Pho that my mother cook for me. I still remember the first time I had Pho made by my mother. When I got home from school on friday, I could smell the familiar beef scent from the chicken. I was so happy because at that time I was craving for it too. I didn’t even change my clothes or put my backpack; I just wanted to eat it now. A bowl of beef soup with noodle in front of me was steaming up my face. I used my chopsticks pick up the noodle and put it into my mouth, the hotness burned my tongue in a good way. The soup was so tasty that I just wanted to chug it. My mother knew that I didn’t like greasy food so she tried to eliminate many fat as she can. It was amazing that she made it with all her heart. Now and then every time I eat Pho I always remember my beloved mother.   


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